Today, The Show proudly unveils its next-generation website. This innovative project has been in the works for several months in collaboration with esteemed partners GameSheet and IOI Ventures.

Transitioning to sleek and efficient, IOI has crafted a website that not only boasts functionality but also strategic design. The user can seamlessly navigate the site, effortlessly accessing crucial information along the way. The incorporation of dynamic imagery, interactive icons, and a comprehensive CTA strategy ensures an unparalleled user experience.

"The site was crafted to simplify the tournament experience for hockey enthusiasts. By prioritizing user-friendly navigation and seamless registration processes, we strive to make accessing and participating in tournaments easier than ever before," said Director of Operations, Nick Machak.

About The Show Hockey Tournaments – Established in 2017 by Nick Machak, The Show Hockey Tournaments was founded with a vision to elevate the standards of hockey experiences. Since then, we have rapidly expanded our footprint, hosting tournaments in Michigan, Florida, Ohio, Indiana, Wisconsin, Pennsylvania, and Tennessee. Committed to excellence, we offer a diverse range of tournaments, including USA Hockey and Non-Sanctioned events, as well as AAU Full Ice competitions. Shaped by Nick's background in ACHA Division 3 Hockey and his upbringing in Flint, Michigan, The Show is dedicated to providing exceptional and memorable hockey experiences for players and fans alike. Explore our tournaments today!

About GameSheet – GameSheet Inc. has been the most trusted source for integrated digital scorekeeping and league management since 2013. GameSheet is recognized as best-in-class technology by the oldest, largest and most respected leagues and sports organizations in the world. Its intuitive system eases the burden of every stakeholder in the scoring and league management process; Conveners, League Executives, Coaches, Managers, Referees, Time Keepers and Parents. With real time access to every detail of the game, GameSheet moves sports forward through patent pending analytics focused on players, referees, penalties, suspensions, injuries and more. Decision makers are able to develop policy based on immediate data helping grow the game while making sports safer and more enjoyable for players, families and fans.

About IOI Ventures – IOI Ventures works with small to mid-sized businesses to maximize ROI and increase sales by improving digital marketing and sales strategies. IOI represents a new approach to marketing that connects the dots to sales and focuses on lead generation and revenue growth. The digital marketing team analyzes a client's goals, and creates comprehensive and effective go-to-market plans. IOI stands for Integrity Over Income and is the backbone of the business. They see themselves as an extension of their partner’s team and believe marketing shouldn’t be a guessing game. They’re a growing team of data-driven digital marketers and sales operations professionals that tie investments back to revenue.