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Yes, if a team is traveling from out of town they are required to stay in The Show designated hotels for the duration of the event. Violation of this policy will result in the removal of the team from our The Show Tournament. Please note that The Show provides one complimentary room for each night that a team has 16 paid rooms within the group. Complimentary rooms are awarded on a per-night pick-up basis. Bookings must be completed through the team group block. Please note that rooms booked using Hotel points or discount travel sites (Expedia,, etc.) will not be credited to your team block. Please ensure all coaches' reservations are made before the cut-off date. 

No, if your team is local to the tournament, you do not need to stay in a hotel. If you do have some players that have a further drive and would like to spend a night or two in the hotel to reduce travel, those reservations must be made through The Show. Please email if you need to reserve a few rooms for your local team.

Complimentary rooms are not guaranteed. The following is the complimentary rooms policy: One (1) complimentary guest room, per team, per night, for every 16 guest rooms occupied and paid for each night over the tournament dates. The complimentary room is applied to the 16th room reserved by the team. Teams that will qualify for a complimentary room will receive an email with instructions from the hotel one (1) week out from the event on how to designate the recipient of the complimentary room.

Requests must be submitted 6 weeks before the event start date. Requests to play later than the 8 AM start time of the event will not be entertained. Requests must come from a team manager or coach. Please note that submitting a request does not guarantee your request will be met. The link to a scheduling request form is available through

All players in the tournament are required to wear a colored – non-clear (Rule 304F) mouth guards. This is a USA Hockey rule.  The only exceptions are squirt-age players and Canadian teams who do not wear mouth guards in regular league games.

Yes, but not all requests can be met. Requests to start later than 8 AM will not be met. Contact for the schedule request form. Requests must be made a minimum of six (6) weeks before the event.

The rink(s) will be listed on the tournament page and on the schedule.

The $500 deposit made within 30 days of registering is non-refundable. If your team withdraws less than 60 days before the tournament begins, they forfeit the full cost of the tournament. However, if an event is sold out then a refund will not be processed to any team that withdraws, at any time. A sold out event gives your team a spot that may have otherwise been available to teams that we have had to turn away. 

Yes, cross-border teams must have proper travel permits. A copy of travel documents must be submitted to The Show before the tournament. 

From September-March The Show must be in receipt of a certified, stamped, or signed USA Hockey roster or registered Hockey Canada roster before the start date of the event. Teams will not be permitted to step onto the ice without receipt of this documentation. April-August The Show is self-insured for tournament events.

A non-refundable $500 deposit is due within 30 days of registering. Full payment is due 60 days before the event begins. Teams that are not paid in full 60 days before the event risk removal. Please see your confirmation email for where to send the check.